The Quest to Make My Accessibility Talks Accessible

Hey guys!

So you may remember that when I posted a link to my GDC talk “Evolve: An Adventure in Accessibility Retrofitting,” I noted it didn’t have subtitles.


Basically, GDC doesn’t put subtitles on videos in their Vault player. That’s the first roadblock. They can however, migrate videos to Youtube where they rely on autogenerated captioning for Youtube, which I guess is technically better than nothing. But let’s be frank, autogenerated captions suck for tech/game talks because of all the slang/jargon/made up words. They’re pretty much useless.

Obviously, having my content about video game accessibility be accessible is really important to me, so I reached out to some GDC folks. Chatting with them, we’re getting my talk migrated over to Youtube and I’ll be able to provide a closed captioning file that they’ll upload and we’ll have captions! Yay!

But, there is some bad news. Generating accurate closed captions is really time consuming, especially when the video is an hour long, even if you’re good at it. And well…. I’m not good at it, I don’t have time and I have to provide the captions for my talk if I want it to be subtitled .

So, I’m outsourcing! I’ve selected Kait Paschall (@8bitKnitWit), the person who captions all of the Unreal Tutorial videos and all of the vids for #GAConf! Why did I go with her?

  • She’s from games, so she knows the terminology.
  • English is her first language, the language the talk is in.
  • She’s gonna give 100% Grade A subtitles, no partial automation here!

This is where I need your help. I don’t have $315 laying around to pay Kait for her work, but I want my content about accessibility to be accessible, and I want to support someone else as passionate about accessibility as I am.

I’m going to be spending some time fund raising. If you can, please chip in. Every little bit helps! ❤

Check me out on Twitch 7PM PST on Wednesdays while I fund raise!

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Donations can be submitted here! PayPal and Credit cards accepted!

Check to see how close I am to my goal here!


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