The Conclusion of My Quest to Make My Accessibility Talks Accessible


I am completely humbled and amazed by everyone around me. After one day, I raised all the needed funds to get my talk subtitled. Thank you! I can’t express how happy I am for all the support and love that has been shown.

Now begins that actual process of getting the work done. ❤

Tara pointing at her presentation with the caption "Subtitles coming soon"



GDC Vault – Evolve: An Adventure in Accessibility Retrofitting

Good news! My video is in the fault, and no log in is required! (Bad news, no captions. Sorry 😦 I’ve complained, I promise).

View it here >>

(It’s not on Youtube, so the video can’t be embedded. If it gets migrated, I will update this post.)

If you’re interested in the slides, I’ve already posted them here.


#GAConf/GDC 2017 Slides

Hi all!

Many of you have ask for my conference slides for my talk, Evolve: An Adventure in Accessibility Retrofitting, and here they are! The slides were slightly different between the two talks, so this is actually from GDC, which was a slightly longer version.

The slides alone don’t provide much info, so I tried to fill some stuff in the speakers notes to kind of give the slides context. You can view the speakers notes by clicking the little gear icon below.

  • Non-embedded version located here.
  • PPT version (with broken fonts) downloadable here.
  • You can also get a link to the report card listed in the report here.

Hopefully soon I’ll get to make a post about the overall #GAConf/GDC experience, but I’m a bit busy right now (cough*playing Zelda*cough), so we’ll see when I get around to it.


UPDATE: Video of the talk is now up at the GDC Vault. No log in required.

GDC 2017 – Evolve: Adventure in Accessibility Retro Fitting

Hello again!

I am pleased to announced that I am also going to speaking at GDC17, in addition to GaConf, on the topic of game accessibility.

My GDC talk is an expanded version of my GaConf talk about the work required to retrofitaccessibility features into Evolve and Evolve Stage 2.

I will upload my slides once the talk it over.

Find it in the official schedule builder here:


Location:  Room 3020, West Hall
Date:  Wednesday, March 1
Time:  9:30am – 10:30am
Format: Session
Pass Type: GDC All Access, GDC All Access + VRDC, GDC Main Conference, GDC Main Conference + VRDC, GDC Summits, Tutorials, & Bootcamps, GDC Summits, Tutorials, & Bootcamps + VRDC, VRDC Pass, GDC Education Summit, Indie Games Summit, Audio Track Pass, Expo Pass, GDC Main Conference + VRDC


It’s always said that you should plan for accessibility from the beginning, but what happens if you don’t? Turtle Rock Studios learned the hard way with ‘Evolve’, but gained a lot of knowledge taking steps to make their game more accessible post launch. In this session, learn not only how to avoid the challenges they encountered but how thinking of gamers with disabilities made their title more appealing to the general audience for ‘Evolve Stage 2’ .


Attendees will leave with a practical example of game accessibility in a launched title, as well as the knowledge of how to evaluate their game for accessibility and how accessibility becomes good design for all players.

Intended Audience

Anyone interested in helping gamers with disabilities, looking how to make their game more generally accessible to a wider audience, or are interested in ‘Evolve’. Although no prerequisite knowledge is required, the added context of shipping at least one title will make it more relatable.

#GAAD Let’s Talk about Evolve Accessibility

There was a lot of amazing video game accessibility info put out for Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Videos, live chats, articles… everything! Ian Hamilton put together an amazing list that contains a ton of videos, articles, blogs and tweets from the day that you can check out if you’re interested in seeing for yourself.

I was pretty disappointed in myself for not having anything ready, especially after the Uncharted 4 videos that were released, so I threw together a very last minute Twitch stream to answer some questions and talk about accessibility in Evolve, a title I’m currently a producer for.

Here’s a clip of the livestream. Next year I hope to have something properly put together.